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by Cecelia Colson on The Hearing Center of Asheville
Chris Hamilton

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years and been to MANY Audiologists. Chris Hamilton is one of the best. Not pushy at all. He is the most detail orientated, patient person I know. I have had many issues with my hearing loss and told him from the very beginning that fitting me with hearing aids was not going to be easy. He said," I'm willing to try if you are:)"
We tried many brands of hearing aids back & forth MANY times until we got the right one for me. He's great.
I recommend him to anyone who is even thinking about hearing aids. The office staff is wonderful too.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton!

I have been so happy and impressed with The Hearing Center. Dr Hamilton is so kind and gentle. He takes all the time you need when you are with him, you need feel rushed. I have been going there for 21 months now and I am very happy. I have been happy with my hearing aid. I wanted so badly to be able to wear the Lyric hearing aid but my ears had to have moisture. I am using the phonak hearing aid and I am happy with it. Go and see Dr. Hamilton, you will be glad you did. He and all his staff are very kind and professional. Thank you, Dr Hamilton.


This is an amazing place with nothing but caring wonderful people! Dr. Hadden is the greatest blessing to me with her knowledge, patience and one-on -one professional caring. I honestly do not know what I would be doing today without her expertise! The office staff are just as awesome!

Thanks to The Hearing Center

The Hearing Center is Always there to help their patients. Recently, I was having problems with my newest set of hearing aids. Barbara Lundberg and Dr. Chris Hamilton went above and Far beyond the normal customer service routine in order to see that my needs were met.
Thanks to The Hearing Center for making the world of hearing loss more manageable and pleasurable.

Dr. Hadden is amazing!

I am truly blessed by The Hearing Center and Dr. Lauren Hadden. The quality and care I have received doesn’t compare with anywhere else I have ever been. I am only 26 years old and have had one hearing aid for about 2 years. After getting a job in the school system, I soon realized it was time for me to get a second hearing aid because I was struggling to hear my co-workers and the students (I had applied for a grant that helped pay for my first hearing aid years ago but the grant only paid for one hearing aid so I was fitted for my worst ear). It was at this time that I went to The Hearing Center and was blessed to get Dr. Hadden as my audiologist.
Dr. Hadden has worked tirelessly with me to find a hearing aid that was the right fit for me. Because I am young, I wanted two hearing aids that were more invisible but still met my active lifestyle. Dr. Hadden and I decided to try the Phonak Nano and I was fitted shortly thereafter. Sadly, phonak couldn’t make hearing aids small enough to fit inside my tiny ears, heartbroken we decided to try the Lyric. The Lyric also was too large for my ears and after two failed attempts; I was fitted for the Starkey Soundlens. Even with the Starkey, my ears were difficult to fit with the hearing aids and needed to continuously be sent back for readjustments. When Lyric came out with a smaller size, Dr. Hadden thought of me and offered to let me try the newest Lyric, even though I had already committed to the Starkey and it would have been easier on her to never have offered it. During this time of trial and error with each of my hearing aids, Dr. Hadden never gave up on helping me find an “invisible” hearing aid and she comforted me after every new disappointment. It would have been very easy for her to tell me it was impossible and that I needed to just stick with a behind-the-ear model. Instead she exhausted every option to help me find the hearing aid that was right for me.
With each new hearing aid she would call me (sometimes even after office hours) to see how I was adjusting. When I told her I was going on vacation after being fitted with the new Lyric, she called me right before vacation to make sure my hearing aids were still feeling comfortable. She has even come into work before office hours on more than one occasion just to fix hearing aid issues I’d been having. I have not been an easy patient but Dr. Hadden never complained and always makes me feel better about having to make numerous appointments to fix the issues I have encountered. She really cares about me and finding the right hearing aid for me, not about what is the most convenient option. Even though the smaller Lyrics have had some hiccups and I’ve had to make extra appointments, I love the natural sound quality, invisibility, and comfort when they are working properly. Dr. Hadden encouraged me to choose the hearing aid that I loved the most and not to worry about “bothering” her with the possibility of extra appointments or the paperwork involved in switching hearing aids. She always has my best interest at heart and I know that she wants me to be a happy patient and not an “easy” one. Dr. Hadden has been such a tremendous blessing to me and I feel lucky to be in her care. In fact, any patient of Dr. Hadden is lucky to have such an incredible doctor who truly cares about her patients the way she cares.

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